Indoor Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi, Recreation Room & more: the Aquarena Vital World

Plunge in and indulge in the Wellness Oasis of the Hotel Tirolerhof

Plunge into the fascinating  Aquarena Vital World – your Wellness Oasis in the Hotel Tirolerhof with Indoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Recreation Room and splendid Sauna World. An area of 1,300 square metres was created especially for our Guests who are seeking for high-quality Wellness and Recreation. Mermaids are delighted with our Indoor Swimming Pool with Whirl Attractions and counter current system. For Sun-Seekers we do offer a Sunbath. Rest-Seekers find relaxation and indulging moments in our Blossom Garden – Recreation Room. For further and deeper Relaxation we recommend our individual Massages. Or how do you feel about sauna in our Traditional Tiroler Sauna? Regain your Strength in our Sauna World.

Fitness in the Tirolerhof – strengthen your Body and Soul

Sweating can also be practiced in our Gym! Various Cardio Gym Machines enable you to train your Stamina and Power and strengthen your Body and Soul. The perfect Alternative to keep fit should the Weather not permit Outdoor Activities. 


Superb, the Aquarena Vital World. We wish you a refreshing and relaxing Stay in the Tirolerhof!

Plunge in.Tirolerhof

Swimming Pool with Counter Current System and Whirl Attractions

Opening Hours: from 7.30 am to 8 pm

Water Temperature: ca. 29°C

Depth of the Pool: 140 cm


Opening Hours: from 7.30 am to 8 pm

Water Temperature: ca. 34°C

Blossom Garden - Relaxation Room

Additionally to our Loungers we do provide Waterbeds to unwind and recreate. 

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