Regain Strength, to regenerate, to indulge – our Sauna Area

Sauna, Steam Bath, Sole Grotto, Laconicum and Tepidarium: You have the choice!

Regeneration of and Reinforcement for every Day Life – our Sauna World offers various possibilities to relax and detoxify. And yet we do kidnap you to other Worlds: Unwind and regenerate works best while leaving your Habits behind!

Warm to Hot – from Tirol to Rome to Arabian Nights

Sweat in our Traditional Tiroler Sauna at 85-90°C.  Passionately manufactured of local Timber by a Tyrolean Art-Carpenter and equipped with brick-build ‘Kachelofen’ (tiled Stove) this Sauna offers a traditional-cosy Ambiance.


Or enjoy an oriental bathing experience in our Ottoman Style Steam Bath and be taken into a different world of oriental Atmosphere!


But also the Roman Patricians did know about the refreshing Effect of Bathing. We took advantage of their Knowledge and offering you a particularly gentle Way of Detoxification and Purification at 75°C in our Laconicum.


Regeneration and Refreshment for Body and Soul

Comparable with time spent at the Sea is the effect on Bronchia and Lungs in our Sole Inhalation Grotto. Some most special Way of Regeneration for your Body. 


Relaxation and Recreation is also found in our Tepidarium. The warm Stone Loungers heat your Body gently and hence your immune system is supported and strengthened. 


For anyone who wishes to refresh between the different Saunas we provide Outdoor Showers. Or for not so brave ones we also have Vital Snail Showers indoors. Our extraordinary Shower Adventure exclusively for you: Choose between a Whole Body Shower, to tropical ‘Thunderstorm’ and Spray Mist to chilly ‘Thunderstorm’ or just try it all!


Enjoy you revitalising hours in our Sauna Area and dip into a World of Regeneration and Relaxation!